Abstract and Material nouns

Abstract nouns

Abstract nouns refer to those intangible nouns which our five senses cannot detect. Feeling, qualities, theories, relationships, ideas and experience are expressed by abstract nouns. Literally, abstract means something that exists only in idealized form. It only exists in mind.

Collective nouns

Collective nouns are one of the five types of nouns. Collective nouns are those nouns which represent group/multitude/assemblage.
Collective nouns are considered countable if not individually then as a unit. Collective nouns can be replaced by singular pronouns in formal writing.

Common nouns

Common nouns are one of the five types of nouns. Common nouns are the names which are shared by more than one or all members of a particular kind.
Common nouns can be considered to be the opposite of Proper nouns. Common nouns are general whereas Proper nouns are specific and actual names.

Proper nouns

Proper nouns are one of the five types of nouns. From the phrase itself, we get to know that names which exclusively belong to oneself or itself are Proper nouns. Proper nouns are the actual names of particular persons, places, organizations, animals, objects or individual beings.

Definite Article: 'The'

Articles have been categorized into two parts i.e. the Definite Article and Indefinite Articles.

Articles are always followed by a noun/noun phrase and use of ‘the’ makes a noun/noun phrase definite. ‘The’ is used to denote specific nouns. Therefore, article ‘the’ is called Definite Article.