Past Continuous Tense

The Past Continuous Tense is one of the four sub-divisions of The Past Tense. Past Continuous Tense refer to the actions which were going on in the past.

past continuous tense timeline

The structures of the Past Continuous Tense along with the examples are as follows:

Simple Past Tense

Simple past tense is one of the 4 sub-tenses of Past Tense. Simple Past tense refer to those actions which were done in the past and can be differentiated from other sub-tenses through understanding of their structure.

simple past tense timeline

The structures of the Simple Past Tense with examples are as follows:


Words which show the relation between subject and the object in sentences are called prepositions. This relationship comprises location, time, movement and direction. Preposition is a basic part of speech.

The prepositions those are frequently used in English Grammar are:

Effective Ways to Teach Children

Teaching has been a difficult task and it is especially tougher to teach and make small children understand. Children are restless and do not have maturity to understand the importance of studies. Therefore, children should be approached and taught in a planned manner to make teaching more effective.

Teacher teaching children

Conquer Fear of Mathematics

Many people do not like studying Mathematics. The sight of numbers, signs and formulas seem to torture them. Mathematics is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects by many students. It is a practical subject hence; one cannot learn it by heart and needs practice to understand it.

 Here are the things you can do to start a new relationship with Mathematics.