8 Common Mistakes Teachers Commit in Classroom

Teacher doing mistakes in class

Are you a teacher? Are you looking forward for an excellent class with students interacting well and excelling in both their academic and non-academic activities? Well, you could be proficient with the course content and lessons but you could still be missing some common things. Those might not have been in your considerations but teachers do make some common mistakes in classroom that don’t appear as serious ones however, they do affect student’s presence and performance. Here are 8 common mistakes teachers commit in a classroom. Try omitting these common mistakes and you could find your class turning interactive, better before you even notice. It’s always the teachers with the first hand over the students performance in the classroom both academic and non-academic.

1. Threatening students with the Punishments

Making students aware and explaining consequences to that of threatening is different. Should you be able to explain students about the need and importance of their good presence in class, you shall be able to own students whereas threatening might not be something you should look for. Sometimes, they work other way. Students might not be willing to express anymore and they could even turn passing in all the assessments and activities.

2. Being too Lenient

Though threatening usually has negative impacts on the students, you should maintain a fair discipline in the classroom. You might overdo in getting too cozy with the students that they start disobeying you and it gets too late to start over again. So first and foremost, let the students know how things work in your class. There should be a decent level of boundaries set upon the students.

3. Mocking a student

Are there some students who appear different in class in terms of their voice, walking styles or even appearances? Knowingly or unknowingly, you might mimic them. You might be taking those things casually as you might think it would stimulate others. But fun for others could be discouraging for the ones you are copying. Be mindful that your behavior towards each student determine teachers as well as student’s presence in the classroom.

4. Not fulfilling the Promises

Teachers should learn to fulfill the promise he/she makes. Should teachers show some expectations and don’t fulfill them, students are never going to respect the teacher and students shall take his/her words casually every now and then. Teachers are regarded as path guiders and his/her each action finally reflects via students so, it’s necessary for a teacher to be committed. This is one value teachers should always possess. Commitment is something teachers shall always be inherited with.

5. Not Accepting Mistakes


Teachers might not easily accept their mistakes thinking, they could turn inferior among students but this is misconception. Teachers should also be able to accept mistakes. But it is necessary to make students understand that teachers also commit mistakes and they will come working on them next time and recite them well.

These are some tricky things. They might not appear as mistakes for some but in long term, they do affect student’s performance. Teachers should be mindful with each and every action as well as words they present in the classroom. Being careful with simple things can also make your classroom a better one.

6. Discouraging students (pulling back showing weaknesses)

Teachers know the level of students. Sometimes, teachers just don’t let students work on something showing the weaknesses. This appears pretty tricky. It appears as if teachers know/understand students and aren’t just willing to give the student extra burden or extra pressure. But not letting students to work on something, he or she is willing to pursue could be discouraging and this could lead to student turning passive.

7. Criticism in front of Everybody

Teachers could be thinking of motivating students showing his/her weakness or criticizing in front of everybody but this works other way. Student ends up feeling low as he/she finds himself/herself inferior being shown weak in the classroom. So, it is better to point out mistakes individually. But praising should always be done in front of others.

8. Leaving things for Next time

Do now is something teachers should always encourage in class. A teacher could be thinking of preparing well for the next time and then delivering to the students but all the students might not be taking your ‘next time’ well. You could be having different impression. So, better try completing things timely and as per the plan.