If your inspirational quote has grammar errors, it’s not inspirational.

Grammar is not hard if you learn it the right way. Educationtopia provides guide of various topics on English grammar. Each topic is explained in detail with the help of rules and relevant examples. So if you have a question about correct use of grammar, feel free to use the topics below.


Everything that exists in this universe can be referred through name and each name is a noun. Nouns are the naming words which identify or denote both living and non-living beings. Words used to represent/identify people, places, animals, birds, insects, plants; objects, ideas etc. are called nouns.


Words which can be used to replace nouns are known as pronouns. Pronouns help to avoid repetitiveness in a sentence and helps polish it. Unlike Chinese and Japanese language, English language has gender in pronouns.


Tense is a division through which time and period of happening of an action is expressed. It tells actions happened, happen or will happen. In simpler form, Tenses are the forms of a verb.


According to Oxford Dictionary, Article is a part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun. It particularizes the grammatical definiteness of the noun. It is always followed by a noun/noun phrase.


Words which show the relation between subject and the object in sentences are called prepositions.