Conquer Fear of Mathematics

Many people do not like studying Mathematics. The sight of numbers, signs and formulas seem to torture them. Mathematics is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects by many students. It is a practical subject hence; one cannot learn it by heart and needs practice to understand it.

Here are the things you can do to start a new relationship with Mathematics.

Mathematics is hard subject for must students

1. Clear away your presumptions

Do not see math like an atom bomb which explodes and makes you feel you don’t know anything. You should first begin by removing that hatred and starting afresh. It’s just like any other subject. One should understand that the real problem lies within us and not in the subject.

2. Start from basics; it’s never too late

We cannot read a sentence unless first we learn letters properly. Likewise, we cannot solve tough math problems until we have a proper understanding of basic mathematics. It’s like making a strong foundation before building a skyscraper. Better late than never, therefore, do not hesitate to turn the pages of children’s mathematics books if it is required. There is no shame it, unlike in not trying when you can.

3. Practice regularly

Practice makes everyone perfect. Mathematics is a practical subject and one needs to work on it daily in order to excel in it. Just like you cannot eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time you should not expect to know everything if you start practicing problems just one day before exam. The more regularly you practice the better you learn. So, develop a habit of doing mathematics every day.

4. Make it your interest

Many of us take mathematics as something forced unto us which makes things worse. Many times, only if you had been genuinely interested mathematics would have been much easier. Anyway, as the saying goes it’s never too late, start taking mathematics as an interest and try to become curious every time you don’t know a solution. Thus, it develops an urge to learn more and makes mathematics interesting.

5. Go for interesting ways

In this digital tech world don’t just refer to books, try learning mathematics through interesting teaching sites, YouTube tutorials and other mathematics teaching apps. Also, try to learn mathematics practically, for example, use real cards to learn probability. Not only will such ways make your mathematics learning fun but also give you better understanding. Moreover, you can discuss math problems among your friends. These methods will remove mathematics forever from your tough subjects list.

6. Do not give up

Mathematics is an interesting subject if we start getting correct answers of the problems we attempt. But, it gets quite frustrating if we fail to derive correct answers. But, the only way to become a pro in mathematics is to have that passion to learn and not give up. Sometimes, you should keep on doing a problem repeatedly until you get a solution. One should not forget that mathematics requires a lot of patience.