5 Core Values Teacher Should Demonstrate

Students are the reflections of a teacher. The way teacher acts, behaves, talks, everything is followed by his/her student. So, it is very necessary for a teacher to be mindful about his/her actions. There are some values teacher should always possess. Upon possessing these values both inside and outside classroom, he/she shall find the students getting in proper path and eventually producing better results. After all, it’s result that determines a teacher’s success. Result might not be only in terms of marks but a student’s overall performance does determine degree of the success of a teacher. Moreover, teachers should also understand that they aren’t only content tutors but are also leaders. They guide students and show them the path for better future.

Here are 5 Core Values that shall help a teacher in being an outstanding leader in a classroom.

1. Integrity

It’s necessary for a teacher to be honest with his/her job role and responsibility. Students always follow what teacher does and reflect on them. Teachers should be careful about what he or she does and also make sure of fulfilling commitments he/she makes. Once a student finds teacher not sticking to his/her words then the student shall also start ignoring the teacher. Pretending to know everything might not be a good idea for teachers. Teachers could be doing so to make sure students always follow him/her but should there be any confusion to teacher himself/herself, he/she should have integrity to explain the situation. The teacher can tell the student that he/she will get back with the solution.

2. Sense of Hope For Students

Teachers should always possess a sense of hope that their students can do better. Some students could be weak and might not be able to catch up along with the pace. It’s a major responsibility for a teacher to always stick with the possibility of those students progressing in their academics and in their life as well. All students don’t have the same capacity of learning. They have different learning styles so, teachers should exercise different ways of explaining core concepts and have confidence in their students instead of giving up on them.

3. Sense of Urgency

If something’s to be done, just go for it with feeling and sense of urgency. Don’t just wait or linger as time is valuable and students invest a lot of time expecting to learn something meaningful and important and you can’t just procrastinate. The more you linger, you shall find yourself with little time in the days to come for your lesson plans, objectives and you could struggle in meeting academic as well as non-academic goals you set for your students.

4. Continuous Self-Learning

If you are thinking, teachers are meant to teach to students then you are missing something. Teachers aren’t just to teach but they are in continuous process of learning too. Should they stop learning themselves, their teaching turns dull. The world advances with technology, knowledge steadily and it is responsibility of a teacher to stay updated in order to prepare student for all the upcoming changes in the society and world. Moreover, teachers should be accountable in learning from students as well. Classroom is a mini-society itself and teacher can also learn a lot of things about different culture and beliefs in a classroom from students.

5. Mutual Respect and Responsibility

Students aren’t the only ones accountable to exhibit respect. Teachers also need to have respect and responsibility towards students. In fact, a teacher who doesn’t respect his/her students cannot earn their respect. Teachers should always feel the responsibility towards students. Parents, society as well as the children invest having faith in teachers and should teacher be willing to get rid of the responsibility, the whole learning and teaching process turns meaningless. Teachers are responsible in overall development of society via the education he/she passes to students to build educated, capable manpower.

Upon possessing and exhibiting these core values, teachers shall be able to appear as a better leader, facilitator and educator.