5 Tips for Exam Success

Exams are not punishment, and they should never be viewed as punishment. Attitude towards examinations is a key factor that will shape your entire behavior towards them. If you take examination as a part of competition, as if an additional mark would grant you jobs worth millions, exams indeed are scary. Again, you need to remember those who used to score slightly higher than you in days before five years, where are they? You certainly are in better position than them today. Aren’t you?

There are five major things that you seriously should give high priority during the examination time.

1. Eat Healthy

Nothing keeps you fit and energetic beside good diet. You may not have time for it, but that does not mean you need to skip it. In absence of these diets, your energy level will fall down, and hence you are the one who needs to struggle for maintaining energy for studies. Don’t skip your regular breakfast, lunch or dinner during this time.

Spicy foods can bring laziness, or more carbohydrates can bring dizziness. So you need to be focused on protein and plain foods. Egg, fruits can be best thing to keep in your diet.

2. Distribute Your Time Properly

Most of us are very bad at making proper distribution of our time. Time indeed is precious, and it becomes much more so when it comes to exam. You may have eight units to go through, and exam is very next day. The stress is understandable.

It would have been wiser if you had gone through eight units before the exam date itself. Had you done so, the time would be enough for revising the eight units by next day. However, if you have not gone through any, don’t worry – its not the end of the world.

Make sure you start up with an easy one. This will ensure your confidence level is high. Make a time check list of every component, and make sure that you allocate the time accordingly. Don’t be too much determined, be flexible enough in allocating time, so that you could follow even during your low time.

3. Get a Good Night Sleep

It is understandable that there is immense pressure during the time of exam. You have to go through maybe hundreds of pages before you sit for the exam. But, make sure you do get enough sleep. If you lack sleep, you’ll be affected by dizziness, and that could trouble you at the time of writing exam.

Do not compromise your sleep all of sudden. If you have habit of sleeping eight hours a day, don’t make it four for some reasons. This would lower the energy level within you. You could extend your sleeping time and delay your waking up time to some extent, but make sure that you won’t compromise with your heavy eyes.

4. Be aware of Distractions

Only when you sit down and start working on your table, you feel that there are lot of things that you could possibly do. You may want to check social media updates, or you may want to watch a movie for refreshment. There could be a hundred things that you probably want to do now.

Make sure you keep these sort of distractions away from disturbing your actual routine. Also make sure that if you are using it for refreshment, mark your limit. Don’t start the next level on your favorite game on your mobile phone, once you finish one. Or, don’t hang on Facebook or twitter for long time, this could really be distracting and change your mind setup. I say, deactivating social media account is a wise thing to do anyway during exams.

5. Interval Refreshment

Don’t be so stubborn about your ability to stretch yourself, you certainly require rest. Studying continuously can lower your energy level and lower your motivation. Take a timely nap, call your friend, talk to your family members, or if you have enough time, watch a movie so that you are not so monotonous at the time of exam. Your refreshment would energize the energy level within you, and hence you can start up again in smarter and creative way. Its all about how you plan your time.

Best Wishes for your exam!