Preposition of Movement and Direction

Words which are used to express different ways towards where object move are known as preposition of movement and direction. It is one among three types of prepositions.

All prepositions of Movement and Direction

from at for against
towards into at for
against off along up
down onto out of to

Now let us take each given preposition of time from above and understand where they should be correctly used.


From is used in the sense of departure.

  • For Example:
    He just left from here.
    My sister has already gone from home.


At is used in the sense of direction of hitting something.

  • For Example:
    He threw flowers at the girl.
    The babies threw food at their nannies.


For is used in the sense of start of a movement to the certain place or destination.

  • For Example:
    The singer leaves for the international competition.
    My dad left for the office.


Against is used in the sense of touching or supporting.

  • For Example:
    He was leaning against the wall.
    The child threw the ball against the rock.


Into is used in the sense of movement inside something.

  • For Example:
    I cannot go into the house due to the earthquake fear.
    The fox jumped into the water.


Onto is used in the sense of going to a place.

  • For Example:
    The monkey jumped onto the roof of the house.
    The mouse ran onto the terrace.


Up is used in the sense of low to high.

  • For example:
    She climbed up the hill.
    They climbed up the mountain.


Down refers to the sense of high to low.

  • For Example:
    She went down the mountain.
    They went down the river.


Towards refers to the direction of the place where somebody is going.

  • For example:
    They are coming towards my house.
    She is going towards the church.


Off refers to the sense of departure from up to downwards.

  • For Example:
    I fell off my bed.
    The lamp fell off the table.

Out of

Out of is opposite of into. It means from the inside of.

  • For Example:
    The dog ran out of the house.
    The parrot flew out of the cage.