Active Voice

If the subject in a sentence acts upon the verb then sentences are said to be in Active Voice. It means in an Active Voice the subject is an agent in a sentence which carries out or takes responsibility of an action/work.

Active voice is commonly used by people because of its various qualities. Firstly, sentences in active voice are direct and convey the meaning in a commanding way. Secondly, they are not lengthy. And most importantly, they generally do not confuse people as they tend to have clarity.

Structure of Active Voice

Subject+ Verb+ Articles/Adjective/Preposition+ Noun
For example:
I + like + red + trunks.

Examples of Active Voice

  • The girl is dancing happily in her bedroom.
    Girl– Subject
    Dancing– Verb (action)
  • Pandas eat bamboo in the forest.
    Pandas- Subject
    Bamboo- Verb (action)
  • I cooked dinner and cleaned house for my husband and daughters.
    I – Subject
    CookedVerb (action)
    CleanedVerb (action)
  • He killed the rat with a sharp bamboo stick.
    He– Subject
    KilledVerb (action)
  • They cleaned the entire surroundings and planted trees today to mark Environment day.
    They- Subject
    Cleaned- Verb (action)
    Planted- Verb (action)

Conversion of Passive to Active Voice

In grammar texts we are often asked to change sentences from Active to Passive and vice versa. The sentences given below are changed into Active Voice.

Passive Voice Active Voice
1. The bone was chewed by the dog. The dog chewed the bone.
2. Dinner is cooked by my mother. My mother cooked dinner.
3. My assignment is being done by me. I am doing my assignment.
4. The enemy was killed by the brave soldier. The soldier killed the enemy.
5. A beautiful actress was married by him. He married a beautiful actress.
6. The election is being planned to be held by them. They are planning to hold the election.
7. Game of thrones is being watched by her brother. Her brother is watching Game of Thrones.
8. My room is being painted by my sister. My sister is painting my room.
9. A mirror is broken by me. I broke a mirror.
10. We are being affected by indefinite strike. Indefinite strike is affecting us.

Just like the above given Passive sentences are converted into Active Voice, we also can convert Active Sentences into Passive Voice. Please refer the article Passive Voice to know more about it.