Passive Voice

Passive Voice is used to focus the Subject that experiences the action instead of the one who does. Passive Voice is not as popular as Active Voice as it is considered comparatively lengthy and formal. Also, it is used when we are not sure of the doer of the verb.

Structure of Passive Voice

Subject+ Auxiliary verb (be) + Main Verb (Participle form) + by + Agent (the one who does the action)
For example:
Red trunks + was + liked + by + me.

Examples of Passive Voice

  • The lunch was prepared by my wife.
    The lunch- Subject
    Was- Auxiliary Verb
    Prepared- Main Verb (Participle form)
    My wife- Agent
  • His son was kidnapped in Syria by kidnappers.
    His son- Subject
    Was- Auxiliary Verb
    Kidnapped- Main Verb
    Kidnappers – Agent
  • I am loved by her mother too.
    I – Subject
    Am- Auxiliary Verb
    Loved- Main Verb
    Mother- Agent
  • We have been fooled by him.
    We- Subject
    Have been- Auxiliary Verb
    Fooled- Main Verb
    Him- Agent
  • She will be rewarded by the alumni.
    She- Subject
    Will be- Auxiliary Verb
    Rewarded- Main Verb
    Alumni- Agent

Conversion of Active to Passive Voice

In grammar texts we are often asked to change sentences from Passive to Active and vice versa. The sentences given below are changed into Passive Voice.

Active Voice Passive Voice
1. Fools surround me. I am surrounded by fools.
2. Teachers teach us in an interesting manner. We are taught in an interesting manner.
3. Her opponent framed her in corruption charges. She was framed by her opponent in corruption charges.
4. Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield. David Copperfield was written by Charles Dickens.
5. We praise our employees often. Our employees are often praised by us.
6. She organized a dance party. A dance party was organized by her.
7. The president honored us. We were honored by the president.
8. She cleaned her house. The house is cleaned by her.
9. The tiger killed the deer. The deer was killed by the tiger.
10. We invited the famous actor. The famous actor was invited by us.